Globle is a world initiative towards real democracy and fair capitalism.

For the first time in history, we have the tools for a system of decentralized governance where equality of opportunity, transparency, accountability, and respect for human dignity are expected and enforced.

Globle aims to modernize our political, economic, and social systems in order to empower citizens and bring the will of the people back into democracy.

As an initiative, Globle promotes the development and adoption of the following ideals:

  • Liquid Democracy: a model for political decision-making that empowers voters to either vote on issues directly, or to delegate ones voting power to a trusted party.

  • Shared and Open Capitalism: an economic system based on the collaborative development, production and distribution of goods and services.

  • Stabilized Digital Currency: a non-collateralized price-stable cryptocurrency with an algorithmic central bank.

  • Universal Basic Income: a model for providing periodic monetary payments to all citizens on an individual basis, regardless of income, wealth, or employment status.

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